Why Morning Meditation Exercise Are Perfect For Mid-Age People


Meditation is something that comes up with unlimited benefits for people of every age. It is an effective form of mindfulness, proven for healthy aging, enhancing focus, reducing overall inflammation and regulating mental well-being.


As we grow, our brain needs to more time to recharge and turn off all tabs for relaxation. Past memories, experiences and stresses make us more anxious and overwhelmed with an ocean of emotions.

Meditation helps to make us feel better at our physical and mental endeavors. Moreover, beyond fitness and relaxation, mindful practices boost spiritual well-being to ward off all major and minor illnesses. And trust me, that’s not just half of its benefits.

Thus, without wasting a single minute, let’s dive into some beautiful advantages of morning meditation exercises for mid-ages!

1. It Helps You Sleep Better

In a study conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine, two groups of 25-middle-aged adults each were analyzed for sleeping problems. The group who completed the mindfulness program including morning meditation improved focus, positive thinking and control on emotions.

Also, they experience less fatigue, depression and insomnia than the 2nd group who were just having sleep habit modifications.

People in middle ages are often exhausted because their brains start buzzing with thoughts of unfinished work at night. They find it challenging to get out of those thoughts. Most people suffer from vulnerable sleep disorders among insomnia is the most common.

Therefore, before you turn to sleep pills, try morning meditation to help you sleep better at night. If the issue still persists, it is better to consult a sleep expert.

2. You Get Sick Less Often

Well, that’s an unusual yet proven benefit of meditation. According to the research published in the Annals Of Family Medicine Journal, middle-aged adults were assigned with meditation sessions along with moderate morning exercises. They had fewer episodes of illness than the control group while recovery rates from minor flu and cold were also quick and high.

Moreover, meditation practitioners were having less severe episodes of their chronic illnesses and reported lesser absentees from work. Overall, 40-50% less occurrence of sickness and 30-40% fewer symptomatic disease were reported. Hence, meditation for at least 30 min every day in the morning can do wonders for your immunity and physical well-being including skin, hairs and nails.

Fall Less Sick

3. It Reduces Chronic Inflammation & Pain

Meditation can be a natural analgesic and effective alternative medicine for reducing chronic pain and inflammation. It also helps to relief associated depression and distress. After the age of 40, multiple aging cycles start progressing and involve individuals in many kinds of pain and inflammation. It makes the quality of daily routine performances poor by interfering with comfort.

In a study by American Pain Society and published in The Journal of Pain, 89 post-surgery patients were placed into a meditation program for two months. In which meditation was proved to reduce pain and inflammation and improved the quality of their life. Undoubtedly, meditation also outshined by maximizing relief and reducing discomfort.

4. It Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disorders

Transcendental meditation is the most extensively researched form of meditation. It is a mantra-based practice that can be done 20 minutes in the morning daily. It impacts overall body and mind wellness; however, have some drastic effects on the heart and related systems.

The American Heart Association conducted a randomized trial and inducted 201 heart patients in transcendental meditation stress-reducing program. Participants were made to sit quietly for 20 minutes, allowing the body and mind to rest while remaining alert at the moment. Also, they were instructed to spend another 20 minutes on heart-healthy workout along with taking heart-friendly meals in a diet.

It helped patients to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Even in healthy participants, transcendental meditation in the morning was proven to reduce their stress levels, stabilize blood pressure and anger compared with the control group that was only inducted in the health support educational program.

5. It Relieves Stress

Stress is something no one likes to have. Fortunately, it can be controlled with mindfulness and meditation practices. According to research conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University, only 25 minutes of daily meditation can alleviate stress.

It was a three-day experiment in which 33 participants were inducted. They were made to practice meditation for 25 min each day. Breathing exercises helped them to stay focused. A cognitive training program carried out another group of control participants. They were analyzed on problem-solving skills.

After the completion of the trial period, every person was evaluated for stress levels and measured upon their cortisol + stress hormones. Those who were doing meditation were more resilient under induced stress conditions.

6. It Preserves Cognitive Function & Memory

Meditation is associated with preserving cognitive functions in people struggling with cognition and memory. It helps to enhance both short-term and long-term memory. It also maintains overall neuronal integrity and improves circulation in the nervous system.

A study published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences has suggested that meditation is positively liked with the improvement in memory and attention scores. Moreover, it enhances the information processing speed.

Meditation is beneficial in leveraging blood circulation and oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, thus, prevents issues like indigestion, constipation and renal impairment.

Cognitive Function

7. It Helps Fight Anxiety & Depression

The brilliant combination of mind and body meditation can visibly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by 40% as concluded in the research from Rutgers University. A total of 55 participants completed an eight-week program to spend 30 minutes daily on focused-attention meditation. It is a form of mindfulness used to keep your concentrate on one thing; mostly breathing followed by an aerobic workout.

Meditation enables people to accept moment to moment change in attention and prevent them from being anxious. This also leads towards slowing down the progression of depressive stages and thus redirects the focus on positivity.

The study participants expressed significantly fewer depressive symptoms and spent an overall less time worrying and negative thinking. They were also succeeded to deal with challenging situations effectively.

8. It Makes You Feel Less Lonely

Unfortunately, middle-aged people are mostly linked with the feeling of being cut off from surroundings and loneliness. It is the most common risk factor for many cardiac and neurological diseases, as well. However, meditation can luckily help you with your loneliness. You can buy essays online for further elaboration.

The logic is simple; morning meditation helps you to kick start your day with a fresh feel and keeps you motivated all day ahead. It reduces your negative thoughts and rings out the creativity in you. Therefore, it keeps you busy for the entire day with a variety of things that keep you happy and filled.

Meditation can elevate pro-inflammatory gene expression of your immune cells and is better to prevent you from auto-immune disorders, including cancers.

Bottom line

“When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. The second best time? Today” – Chinese Proverb

The above proverb holds a motive for meditation. The longer you practice for it, the better you get the results. If you have not started yet, there is no time better than today!

Any kind of meditation is still better than no meditation. Thus be gentle and start celebrating your small achievements!

All the best!

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