Things you should know about Psoriasis and Skin Cancer

Psoriasis is a fairly common chronic inflammatory skin disease. The root cause of this disease is believed to be a genetic disposition however that is likely to be several triggers like trauma, stress, infections, and medication. This usually occurs on joints and some of the common symptoms include itchy, scaly, pink plaques. It is commonly found on the joints like on the elbows, knees, and the scalp.

There have been several studies conducted on this disease and it has been found that those with psoriasis have a greater chance of having a disease like cancer. In fact, it has been associated with several types of cancer like colon, kidney, pancreatic, liver, oral, etc. This article goes on to explain how Psoriasis is linked to skin cancer. It is a must-read for those considering psoriasis treatment in London.

How is Psoriasis Linked to Skin Cancer

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the skin and is mainly linked to overactive immune cells. In fact, there are many different types of psoriasis and it affects everyone in a different way.

Thus, there is also no common treatment for this condition and it is necessary to consult an expert dermatologist for this purpose. Stress is believed to be one of the major triggers for this. It is also important to make note of which parts of your body are affected by it.

Several studies suggest that those suffering from Psoriasis have a greater risk for skin cancer especially if they possess other metabolic disorders like tobacco use disorder or drink use disorders.

Psoriasis is an incurable, long term disease that periodically lessened. In fact, if quite common people have no symptoms for long, and then several symptoms surface during the colder winter months. It is associated with many types of diseases like heart diseases, obesity. Thus those with Psoriasis have a greater chance of getting this disease.

Common Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is triggered by several conditions like stress, throat infection, injury to skin as well as stress. Alcohol and stress only make it worse. This condition can also worsen with several medications like malaria, lithium, etc.

Some of the common symptoms of Psoriasis include rashes or red patches, inflamed skin covered with loose patches of silver-colored scales.

It consists of itchy and painful skin that often breaks down leading cracks or bleeding. It also includes problems with the hand and toenails which tend to crack up or discolour.

It is best to get in touch with a dermatologist instead of implementing a home remedy. They are experts at a wide range of skin diseases; this includes psoriasis, skin tag removal, etc. The fact that common treatment is not suitable for everyone means it is best to visit an expert dermatologist for this.

The fact that such doctors have a trained eye means they are better positioned to provide the best treatment. One of the more popular treatments is topical therapy. This treatment involves the emollients, salicylic acid, topical steroids, tar.

There is also the option of using medicated shampoos with coconut oil, etc. However, this is a painful condition and there are many different methods of treating this type of disease.