Hair Restoration Procedures

It is essential to talk about hair loss and its treatments because it is among the most common diseases in the current age. It changes how people spend their lives –hair loss can cause people to lose their self-assurance and confidence, which can be brought back by hair transplants.

Everyone loses hair on a daily basis. The average number of everyday hair fall is 60-120 strand of hairs. If you start to lose handfuls of hair or see balding patches and hair thinning, then it can be a sign of hair loss.

Regardless what kind of hair fall you suffer from, be it hairline receding, genetic hair fall, pattern baldness, or reaction to some medication (like chemo), some options can help you gain your hair back. You can get a surgical hair transplant like PRP hair treatment in Lahore, or you can also go for a non-surgical hair transplant.

If you are not clear about which treatment is better for you, let us give you an insight into both types of hair treatments and the difference between the two and all other features.

Know the Difference between Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Treatments

Surgical Hair Transplants:

Most two popular types of surgical hair transplants: (i) follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and (ii) follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Both these transplants are similar in process, duration, and price.

Individuals who lose their hair due to pattern baldness for more than six years. People who lose hair due to depression and traumas.

People who suffer hair loss due to chemical usage and those who have gone up three classes on the Norwood scale can get this transplant because it is ideal for their hair condition.

People who go for surgical operations know that they might still experience hair loss because the body has not stopped growing, and they will have to get boosters for their surgery or get more surgeries to keep the hair on their heads.

However, surgical treatments are not suitable for people whose hair loss spreads throughout the scalp or for those who don’t have any donor area left for acquiring healthy hair follicles or for anyone who loses hair due to heavy medication.

Surgical treatments also have advantages. Some advantages are: it makes a person’s appearance better and restores confidence. It is a long-lasting remedy, and it requires minimum maintenance, and it also helps in cost saving, just like the PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan is less and helps in saving money.

Non-Surgical Hair Treatments:

The most famous kind of non-surgical hair treatment is PRP hair treatment. This transplant is ideal for people of any age (young adults-senior people). Anyone can get this treatment if they don’t want to get surgical treatment.

These treatments have faster and quick results (in five weeks of hair start to grow). This treatment doesn’t have any side effects and is totally safe. A person can get non-surgical hair treatment for as many times as he wants because the prp hair treatment cost in Karachi is affordable and because the procedure is quick (takes 1.5 hours maximum).

There is no dependence on donor hair or no pain involved in this procedure. Furthermore, there is no chance of complications in this process because there is no use of incisions or cuts. These were some fantastic advantages of non-surgical hair treatments.

Since you have learned about surgical and non-surgical hair treatments, you should know that to make your decision among these two treatments; you should consider the stage and condition of your scalp and hair loss.

If you have extreme stage hair loss condition but still have some healthy hair left, then you can go for surgical hair treatment. If you are just starting to experience hair loss and most of your head is still healthy, you can go for non-surgical hair treatment.

Foods Ideal for Healthy Hair Growth:

Once you have decided on which treatment you should go for, you should also know how to provide a healthy environment to your hair and scalp, so they flourish and don’t die.

One thing to focus on after getting treatment is your diet –the food you eat and the liquids that you drink plays a huge role from inside the body in making you healthy (not only for hairs but for the whole body).

Hair treatments can do so much for your scalp, but the rest is upon you. You should provide excellent nutrition for your scalp.

Wrong nutrition can have a negative impact on hair follicles and their growth. Proper diet, in general, is essential not only for the excellent health of your scalp but also for your whole body but, food is directly impactful on stages of hair growth.

There are 3 phases of hair growth Anagen, Telogen and Catagen.

Anagen is the growth phase.

Catagen is a step up from the growth phase.

Telogen is the resting phase for grown hairs. All these phases have poor performance if the diet is terrible.

Here are a few super healthy foods to add to your diet if you want healthy and beautiful looking hair on your head:

  1. Foods rich with vitamin C (like orange, kiwi, grapefruit, lemon, etc.)
  2. Diet rich in biotin (like nuts, eggs, red meat, seeds, etc.)
  3. Oysters, shrimps, fish, and other kinds of seafood
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Diet rich in iron (like kidney beans, tofu, dry fruits, apricots, etc.)
  6. Food with a high amount of zinc (like milk, whole grain products, chickpeas, cashews, etc.)
  7. Green and leafy vegetables like spinach, green peas, gourd, bitter melon, etc.
  8. Oats and dates because they are complete meal –packed with nutrition and health.
  9. Carrots and prunes
  10. Coconut, sunflower, and olive oils.

The foods mentioned above can help you in getting your hair back, which you once possessed with glory. Losing hair is a difficult time for everyone, but if you think and act smart, you can reverse the loss of hair into gaining hair.

Just getting hair treatments is not enough to get your hair back; you should spend time on your scalp, give it proper care, attention with a good diet and healthcare routine.

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